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Best Vape Shop Near Me - Vape Store Locator - Top 10 - October 2019
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1. Vegetable glycerin in tobacco oil has water absorption. Dry mouth phenomenon will occur during use. Drink plenty of water can be relieved. 2. The mouthpiece opening mode is first to rotate the thread vertically to pull up or insert. Do not tilt the angle. 3. Do not atomize. The small hole in the middle of the device is added with smoke oil. The middle vent hole is not the refueling position. 4. The electronic cigarette is a high-temperature heating principle. The condensate is generated at the top of the tobacco rod. It must be wiped with a paper towel after charging. 5, the life of the atomizer in addition to the frequency of use, and the habit of use has a very important relationship, each use interval of more than 5 seconds can extend the service life 6, the built-in lithium battery of the tobacco rod has no memory activation, fully charged 7. The cigarette rod is pressed and controlled. Press the cigarette rod button when not in use.

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    Electronic cigarette use method

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    great one

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    thank share

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